Welcome to PetroglyphWatch.com

Published: 11/6/2017

Welcome to Petroglyph Watch! We’re the Montgomerys, and we’re folks documenting petroglyphs and pictographs around the desert southwest. Our goals include:

  • Create a repository of photographs showing images created by indigenous people in our area
  • Mark passage of time on the petroglyphs and pictographs from weathering and abuse
  • Identify vandalism
  • No interpretation of what we see
  • Where there are overlapping images or extreme erosion, we may digitally outline parts in our photos to make them more visible
  • Collaborate with local groups and authorities to help maintain the integrity of the sites

Some of our future goals for this site include:

  • Create a login for visitors
  • Crowdsource images to document sites
  • Expand the scope of our project to other areas of North America (and the world)
  • Offer a form for registered visitors to report vandalism or damage

As far as identifying locations, if the site is documented elsewhere online, we will note as such. Other more fragile sites will only be disclosed in general terms and vicinities.

If you see something that we can improve upon, please let us know. We’d like to evolve Petroglyph Watch to suit the needs of our fellow watchers.