To locate? Or not to locate?

Published: 11/20/2017

I sit on the fence as to how much should disclosed about petroglyph/pictograph sites. If they’re already on trail lists and BLM pages and such, or they’re called “Petroglyph ” with signs, it’s probably safe to say these are acceptably public locations.

I’m also not wondering about private sites that obviously should be kept private.

But what about the sites where not many people know about them? Those tucked away places that take some hiking to get to? Those glyphs that are maybe just a little bit more fragile because of the rocks that hold them or the lands that surround them?

What about those? Do we post specific locations for those? Do we keep silent? Or do we write in general terms, with vague “found within 5 miles” kind of statements?

Pictographs in Red Cliffs Recreation Area

I understand that most of the people who read this far into my blatherings are going to be good stewards of the land and the sites (and evidently slightly masochistic). Vandalism and theft would be the furthest things from their collective minds.

Should that sway what we reveal?