Hunting the Past

Published: 11/27/2017

There are so many places in southern Utah with petroglyphs and pictographs. I find it a challenge to keep track of all the images in one panel let alone an entire site, especially when we go back the next day to take more photos. "Wait, did we get this one yet?" "I think so?" *shutter snaps again* "Well we have it now for sure." Anasazi Ridge, I'm talking to you! So if you see duplicate images, we're working on that.

We return to most sites we visit at least 3 additional times, usually within a few weeks. We've never walked away saying, "Okay, we've got them all." Often our photos reveal underlying work or the edge of a glyph we missed the last time we went. We'll keep going back. And looking. And looking some more.

As the weather cools down (and the wind picks up), we'll have more time to organize our work, both for ourselves and for our visitors. Steve and I are discussing ways to keep better records: which panels on which rocks at which sites have been recorded. Much to consider.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy our latest hunts from Petroglyph Canyon (ZNP), Lion's Mouth Cave, Anasazi Ridge (Tempi'po'op), and Bloomington Petroglyph Park. And if you choose to visit any ancient site, please remember to Respect and Protect our past.